It is with pleasure that the Organizing Committee announces the Sixth Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies (DinoE&B 2017), to be held in Lisbon, 3rd–8th October 2017.

Print your poster at Nova

Print your poster here!

We are offering a printing service for poster presentations, to make your trip to Caparica easier.

You can have your poster printed in glossy photograph paper at the cost of 28 euros, or in mate paper at the cost of 21 euros. We will not check the poster for typos or other errors, what you send us is what we print, so be careful!

To use this service, please email a pdf or tif of your poster to info.dinoeggs@campus.fct.unl.pt, with the subject PRINT POSTER before September 28th. All costs will be charged to you upon registration.