About AIHV

The Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (AIHV) was organised by Dr. Joseph Phillippe, Director of the Musee Curius of Liège, in 1956. The first Congress of the organisation, then called the Journees Internationales du Verre, took place in that city in 1958.

The membership includes archaeologists, art historians, artists, collectors, museum curators, scientists and researchers from over 33 countries. The AIHV is governed by a board and an Executive Committee elected by the General Assembly of members meeting at each Congress.

Every three years AIHV holds a Congress where research papers are delivered and special exhibitions viewed. Visits are organised to museums, galleries and private collections. These congresses also provide the opportunity to socialise in pleasant surroundings and meet one's fellow enthusiasts. 

The next Congress of the AIHV will take place in Lisbon (Portugal), 2021.

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Congress Scope

The scope of the AIHV 22nd Congress embraces all strand of glass knowledge and invites authors to submit their contributions to a wide range of fields of interest around glass.

Given the strong influence of the location of Portugal, since its origin, on its political, culture and economic development, the scope of this Congress emphasises the production, consumption and diffusion of glass "on the two sides of the Atlantic" from antiquity to modern times.

(the scope includes but is not restricted to)

  • Glass in the History of Science
  • Glass History and Production Techniques
  • Glass at the shores of the Atlantic
  • Glass in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Roman Glass
  • Islamic Glass
  • Glass Conservation