Early abstracts submission deadline: 1st December 2020

Extended deadline for abstracts submission: 31st January 2021

Use the following template for the abstracts submission:


Send it to: des.conference@gmail.com


The sponsor of the conference Des Solutio will offer a Best Poster Award to the best outstanding poster presentation delivered during the 2nd International Meeting on Deep Eutectic Systems.

·        All posters will automatically be considered for the Poster Award and the selection will take place during the conference.

·        The posters' sessions will take place online.

·        The winner of the Poster Award will receive an award certificate and a money prize in the value of 300€.

·      The posters will be evaluated in terms of presenting new idea, scientific argumentation, methodology, message and main points, design/ layout, coherence, awareness of previous work, attractiveness, and overall impression.

        Please note that there is no need to apply for the Best Poster Award.