The envisioning of sustainable futures is of outmost importance for policy makers, private investors, and inspired consumers. Complexity and uncertainty play a major role in exercises aimed at developing scenarios and projections for the future. CENSE research center has been working on the design and quantification of sustainable futures, namely applying different modelling techniques. The International Workshop on Economy, Energy and Environment Modelling is an opportunity to join CENSE researchers and colleagues from other institutions to discuss the issues underlying the building of scenarios for sustainable futures.

The workshop has two parts:

The morning is devoted to the presentation and discussion of the outcomes of the national research project (PTDC/AAC-CLI/105164/2008) HybCO2 on Integrating economic and technological models with contributions from international consultants.
The afternoon is dedicated to a broader discussion about Innovative drivers to design sustainable futures with the participation of all CENSE researchers and invited speakers from European Environment Agency.