AMT (airline maintenance technicians) timetabling optimization

TAP Maintenance & Engineering provides integrated solutions for airline companies, from airframe, engines and components, to the engineering and material support.

TAP Maintenance & Engineering and in particular the Line Maintenance Department,  operates in the major Portuguese International Airports as well as in some other foreign stations offering a wide variety of services that includes pre-flight, transit and daily checks, troubleshooting and malfunction corrections, engine trend monitoring and pool agreements, for different  aircrafts. 

This service must be developed ensuring high quality,  and safety standards in agreement with tight schedules and predefined routing constraints, like AMT  types certifications requirements.

The management and allocations of the AMT (airline maintenance technicians) "in service" timetabling is crucial for the efficiency of the service provided, which depends on a correct adjustment of the working force to the continuous daily demand.

Operating in a continuous base schedule, laboring timetabling  has to meet several constraints such as seasonality, laboring and resting rules, allowed consecutive period switching, AMT types certifications among others. For simplicity reasoning the knowledge of an hour base daily deterministic demand is assumed.

The challenge proposed by TAP Maintenance & Engineering is the development of a methodology for automatic generation of  laboring timetabling for the AMT with the best adjustment to the predefined man work daily needs and in accordance to laboring rules.