1st FCT Science Spring Day

Step outside your specialization to bring science together

We welcome you all to the first FCT Science Spring Day that will take place on 20th March. The meeting is dedicated to connecting the FCT scientific community for the benefit of science in a more dynamic and interactive campus.

The event will bring together researchers from the different Departments and Research Centers, providing them an opportunity to meet and discuss current and future scientific interests, bringing new ideas and fostering future collaborations.

The large dimension of the FCT campus and wide coverage of scientific fields does not make it easy for everyone to know about the research carried out by colleagues and graduate students. For example, from around 500 PhD students, how many know each other personally?  And are we aware of the Facilities, Infrastructures and Technologies in other Departments and Research Centers? What are the hot research topics in all those Research Units?

The open format of the meeting has the aim of facilitating an informal and direct contact among researchers and PhD students from the whole campus.

After a short opening session, the FCT community is invited to gather together in an open space having as information support the Posters from the Centers and Departments. Each individual researcher and graduate student is also encouraged to share his “Research Profile” with the community, using the proposed template.

In an informal and relaxed atmosphere, we expect that you will become more aware of the science being done across the FCT campus.

We hope that this FCT Science Spring Day will be the first of many meetings to come.

The success of this event depends on your participation, so please join us!

The Organizing Committee,

Isabel Sá Nogueira - coordinator 
Elvira Fortunato 
Maria João Romão 
Luís Caires 
Paulo Limão Vieira