International Conference

 SOLAR ENERGY AND ARCHITECTURE - Innovation and Development

CAMPUS DA CAPARICA 30th March 2012  

The energy consumption in the building sector can be high or low, nevertheless it is critically important to become more efficient on a constant basis. This objective is renderer extremely crucial because the construction sector is one of the biggest energy consumers. Valuable energy resources are being consumed throughout the entire construction cycle: quarry, fabrication, transport and on-site assembly.

Solar energy has been touted as an important component, necessary to reduce the overall energy consumption of a building throughout its life. The building’s design phase is a key step as it determines the capacity of the solar system reducing the energy consumption.
In this context the quality and training of the architects as well as their use of existing tools to aid project development and interaction with engineers, manufacturers and clients become key factors in obtaining the desired results.

Thus, the highest quality in architectural design and energy performance of buildings is fast becoming one of the most important contributors to the goal of sustainable development and higher quality of life.

This conference seeks to improve the level of knowledge in this field through presentation and discussion of new research and innovations.

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