Hideyuki Hirakawa

Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design (CSCD)


Research Subjects

1. Political Theory of Knowledge

Political theory of knowledge means to study the political nature of science and technology in the public sphere. Theoretically, a critical question in this field is how the science and technology themselves are political, rather than how they are related to the politics in the ordinary sense. And, the notion of "knowledge" should encompass not only the products and practice of science and technology but also those of so-called "local knowledge".

2. Theory of Scientific Practice

Praxiological and socio-systemic understanding of scientific practice. It aims not to deconstruct but to reconstruct the notions such as "objectivity" and "contingency" of scientific knowledge, based on the critical concepts of the "materiality" and "performativity" of scientific practice.
* a product of this study will be published in Japanese in 2001 as a co-authored textbook of Science and Technology Studies.