Raquel Aires-Barros Keynote

Raquel Aires-Barros
Institute for Bioengineeing and Biosciences, Bioengineering Department
Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Aqueous two-phase systems: a platform for bioproducts purification

The number of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals in the late-stage pipeline has been increasing more than ever in particular monoclonal antibodies represent a quarter of all biopharmaceuticals in clinical trials. As a result, there is an enhanced demand for more efficient and cost-effective processes. Continuous discoveries in molecular biology and genetics, combined with new advances in media and feed development, have significantly increased the production titers. In order to keep up this gain, it is now essential to design new, as well as to improve the existing downstream processes that remain an unresolved bottleneck. Aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) is a potential alternative to the currently used platforms for the downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, which can combine a high biocompatibility and selectivity with an easy and reliable scale-up and a continuous and integrated process. The potential of ATPS miniaturization using a microfluidic platform as a high-throughput screening tool is also explored to accelerate bioprocess design and optimization