Pre-Workshop Seminar

To give people a flavour of the main event in September a FREE pre-workshop Seminar will be held on May 23rd at 14:00 (GMT). This talk will be deliver online with a optional in person attendance in Anfiteatro Leopoldo Guimarães, Cenimat, FCT-UNL, Caparica, Portugal.

The pre-workshop aims to be a teaser for the main event in September by highlighting some of the topics of Benchtop NMR.

Pre-Meeting Seminar  23-05-2022, 14:00 (GMT)

14:00 - Opening Session

14:15 - Eduardo Ribeiro de Azevedo (IFSC, USP, Brazil)

Benchtop NMR: Methods and Instrumentation applied to research and technological development

15:00 -  Luiz Alberto Colnago (EMBRAPA, Brazil)

Benchtop NMR as a tool in solving agroindustry and food quality problems: from farm to the supermarket!

15:45 - Final remarks – Invitation to the September event

Zoom Link - to be available soon