Federico Casanova

Magritek GmbH

Federico is a specialist in the development of hardware and methodologies for portable and desktop NMR systems. He got his PhD in physics in 2001 in Cordoba, Argentina and move to Germany with an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship to join the group of Prof. Blümich at the RWTH University in Aachen. After two years as a postdoctoral fellow he remained at the RWTH as project leader where he worked on several projects in basic and applied research areas related to mobile and benchtop NMR. He has published over 50 papers in different scientific journals, has contributed to 10 book chapters, has edited a book on single-sided NMR, and holds 8 patents. During his time at the university, he acquired considerable experience developing solutions for in-line application of NMR working in close collaboration with different industry partners. He is one of the founders of Magritek and, since 2012, Director and co-CEO Magritek GmbH.