7th ENURS Best Posters Awards

1st Prize – Joana Gonçalves – UCIBIO, REQUIMTE, FCT NOVA

Structural and functional studies of a new class of Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibitors

2nd Prize – Mathilda Larsson Coutinho – CENIMAT/i3N, FCT NOVA

Sb and Pb speciation through XANES in 18th to 19th century Portuguese glazes


Honourable Mentions:

Inês Martins – CQE, IST UL

High resolution X-ray powder diffraction for small drug molecules structure solution

Imran Khan – CDRSP, IPLeiria

Use of synchrotron radiations to probe particle orientation in electrically conductive nanocomposite under uniaxial strain

Patrícia Borges – ITQB NOVA

Analysis of a new flavodiiron protein structural arrangement in the enzyme from Synechocystis sp. PCC6803

 Elin Figueiredo – CENIMAT/i3N, FCT NOVA

A XANES study of the Sn K-edge in slag by-products from tin smelting experiments


Special thanks to the Jury for Best Poster Award:

Daniel Oliveira (LNEG), F.M. Braz Fernandes (FCT NOVA), Geoffrey Mitchell (IPLeiria), Maria João Romão (FCT NOVA), Maria Teresa Duarte (IST), Pedro Matias (ITQB)