Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course by Pedro Barahona (DI/FCT NOVA)

Pedro Barahona is Professor of Computer Science in the Departament of Computer Science (Departamento de Informática) of NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA). His main research area is Constraint Programming, within the wider area of Artificial Intelligence, and in their applications, namely in Bioinformatics, Medicine, and Logistics. In his teaching activity, he has been responsible for various courses, at graduate level as well as post-graduate, namely in Computer Science and Applied Artificial Intelligence, and supervised several M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.


Python is a very popular programming language used in data science context. This course is an introduction to the core of Python programming and will use a practical approach, giving participants the ability to start manipulating data and beginning to conduct their own analyses.


Day 1 - Introduction to Python.  Python Interactive Development Environments:  Anaconda / Spyder; Libraries; Functions. Data Types: Simple Data (Integer and Floats); Lists, Tuples, Sets; Matrices and Dictionaries. Control of Execution: Conditional Execution: IF; Iterative Execution: FOR, WHILE; Iterators, ranges.

Day 2 - More on Python. Graphics in Python. More on Data Structures: Dictionaries; Strings. Text Files: Read and Write. Random Numbers.

Required: Personal Laptop*

*Contact us if you do not have a laptop and would like to attend the courses