R Crash Course

R Crash Course by Regina Bispo (DM/FCT NOVA)

Regina Bispo is a researcher in the Center for Mathematics and Applications (CMA), and a professor in the Department of Mathematics of NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA). Her research interest include Biostatistics, Computational Statistics and Machine Learning. She has been giving R Programming courses since 2009.


The R programming language is widely used in statistics and data science. The advantages of R include its versatility, innovation, being constantly updated at the expense of additional packages, and the fact that it is open source and, as such, free. The software can be used from data exploration to complex analysis having high quality plotting capabilities. Once mastered it becomes a powerful tool and a clear asset, but the learning curve is sharp and potentially demotivating. The aim of this course is to introduce the R language at the expense of a practical approach, giving participants the ability to start undertaking exploratory data analysis, data visualization techniques and statistical analysis methods.


Day 1 - Introduction to RStudio. Introduction to R programming language. Fundamentals of R. Object Types. Operators and indexing. Built-in functions and user defined functions. Programming control structures. Datasets. Reading external datasets. Manipulation of datasets. Subset selection and ordering.

Day 2 - Plots. High level, low level and interactive graphical functions.

Required: Personal Laptop*

*Contact us if you do not have a laptop and would like to attend the courses