A Glance at the Master in Actuarial Mathematics

20th January - 11:30 (Link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/87292833142

Training to be an actuary & To be an actuary - Pedro Corte Real, Lourdes Afonso, Gracinda Guerreiro, Pedro Benites and Miguel Martins

In this talk, we’ll present Actuarial Mathematics and the Actuarial Mathematics Master, based on the testimonies of actuaries’ trainers (Pedro Corte Real, Gracinda Guerreiro and Lourdes Afonso) and actuaries’ practitioners, either with a long career in the field (Pedro Benites) or just starting its education (Miguel Martins).

The following two issues will be focused:

1- Why to become an Actuary
Actuaries define, measure and manage risk. An Actuary is a trained professional that applies sound and testable scientific methods, namely mathematics, in order to optimize the financial impacts of uncertainty of future events. Actuaries need to have a deep understanding of mathematics, statistics, business management and the social relevance of the profession.

Actuaries work in many different organizations that address risk management, such as insurance companies, banks, investment management companies, consulting companies, pension fund management societies, governments, etc. The search for these professionals, at a national and an international level, is intense, so the Actuary profession is one of the professional careers with the highest social recognition and financial reward. In the last 10 years, the Actuary profession has always been listed in the careers top 10: The Best Jobs of 2019.

2- Why to choose Actuarial Mathematics Master of FCT NOVA
The FCT NOVA - Mathematics Department (DM) is a national reference in the training of Actuary professionals. In 1984, with the creation of the Actuarial Specialization for the Mathematics degree, the DM was the first to propose an educational offer in the field. Former DM Actuarial students are now board members of national and international companies, as CEOs and Administrators.

With the Actuarial Mathematics Master, the DM proceeds the excellence in the education of Actuarial professionals. All Master courses are ministered by DM members holding a PhD and highly specialized in the area. Some courses will have the collaboration of recognized Actuarial professionals, in order to allow students to further perceive the application relevance of the course contents. Finally, in a perspective of reinforcing the students’ bounds and network with the labor market, at a national or even international level, some internships will be provided.


Pedro Corte Real

PhD in Probability and Statistics. Professor at FCT NOVA since 1992. Director of the Statistics Methodology Department at INE (2004-2007). President of the Instituto de Informática, I. P. (2012-2014). Member of the Accreditation Committee of the Portuguese Actuaries Institute. Founding partner of 2 companies, an actuarial consultant and another of information technologies.

Lourdes Afonso

PhD in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management. Actuary at Companhia de Seguros Império from 1994 till 2000. Teaching and researching at FCT NOVA since 1998. CEO of an actuarial consultancy firm. Appointed Non-Life Actuary for Solvency II certified by the Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões. Elected President of the Instituto de Atuários Portugueses for 2021-23.

Gracinda Guerreiro

Degree in Mathematics applied to Actuarial Sciences at FCT NOVA, Master in Actuarial Sciences at ISEG and PhD in Mathematics specialization in Statistics, since 2009. Lecturer at FCT NOVA since 1998, Invited Professor at NOVA IMS since 2017. Teaches and does research in the area of Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management. Member of the Board of the Portuguese Actuaries Institute for the period 2021-2023.

Pedro Benites

Graduated in Actuarial Sciences by FCT NOVA, with a Master's Degree in Actuarial and Financial Risk Management from ISEG and an MBA from ISCTE, has a professional background essentially developed in the Insurance and Pension Funds areas, where he performed, among others, the functions: Appointed Actuary for Life and Pension Funds, Director of the Life and Pension Funds Branch, Director of the Actuarial Department (Life and Non-Life) and Solvency II Appointed Actuary (Life and Non-Life). He is currently a CEO of a consultancy firm specializing in actuaries and risk management.

Miguel Martins

Miguel Martins is 22 years old. Has a degree in Engineering and Industrial Management from Instituto Superior Técnico The taste for mathematics made him change the course of his studies and enter the master's degree in Matemática e Aplicações, where he found the applicability of this knowledge in the actuarial world. In order to finish the cycle of studies, he will undertake a curricular internship at Willis Towers Watson.