The Department of Mathematics of NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), with the support of the Center of Mathematics and Applications (CMA NOVA), will host the 3rd edition of the Winter School Mathmasters, from 20th to 22nd January of 2021.

Mathmasters School is intended for undergraduate students interested in Mathematics and considering the possibility of pursuing for a MSc in this scientific area. This year, due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the school will be held online. Therefore, the structure of the school has been adjusted to fit the nature of an online event.

This year, students will still have the opportunity to contact with advanced themes of several distinct areas of Mathematics that could be studied in more depth in one of the MSc offered by the Department of Mathematics of FCT NOVA. This is also an opportunity to meet some of the researchers of the Department of Mathematics as well as with some Alumni.

The school is organized in eight sessions of 90 minutes each, comprising a short presentation of the MSc corresponding to the scientific domain of the session, as well as short lectures made by Professors and former students of the MSc. In this 3rd edition the themes are the following:

  1. Fundamentally  Mathematics
  2. A Glance at the Master in Actuarial Mathematics
  3. Statistics at a glance
  4. Problem solving with Operations Research
  5. Financial Mathematics
  6. Analytics and Big Data
  7. Mestrado em Estatística para a Saúde: a Estatística ao Serviço da Saúde (MSc in portuguese)
  8. Mestrado em Ensino da Matemática - Um olhar sobre a formação e respetivas saídas profissionais (MSc in portuguese)

Sessions link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/87292833142

You can participate in all the courses of the School or on those of your interest. Please register here.