Operations Research in the service of Industry

Real Life Problems, Combinatorially Explosive. How to solve them? - Nelson Chibeles Martins

Comparative efficiency analysis of bank branches – Cape Verdean bank: Measuring bank branch efficiency through DEA - Gabriela dos Santos

Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a mathematical programming-based approach that evaluates the relative efficiency of a set of DMUs (Decision-Making Units) where the conversion of multiple inputs into multiple outputs complicates the comparison of the DMUs performances. In this talk, we present a study on the efficiency of Bank Branches of a Cape Verdean Bank through DEA. Considering Cape Verde's reality and the Bank's goals we chose an approach of bank branches evaluation that considers the influence and/or consequences of the new alternative distribution channels for banking transactions. This approach divides Bank Branches’ efficiency into three viewpoints: transactional efficiency, operational efficiency, and profit efficiency. We will evaluate the Bank Branches of a Cape Verdean Bank considering two perspectives: transactional efficiency and operational efficiency. The goal in the transactional perspective is to assess the branch's capacity to redirect their transactions to alternative channels. The operational measure of efficiency translates all types of operations that go in a bank branch. With DEA modelling we were able to identify the efficient branches, the inefficient branches, the reference branches and the margin of capacity/ability to increase output (results) in the less productive branches without increasing resources.

Presentation of the Operations Research field as a part of the Profile in Actuarial Sciences, Statistics and Operation Research of the MSc in Mathematics and Applications - Isabel Gomes


Nelson Chibeles Martins

Nelson is a Bachelor in Mathematics (FCT NOVA), Master in Operational Research (IST UL) and Doctor in Systems Engineering (IST UL). Founding Member of ClubeMath, the FCT NOVA's Maths Club for youngsters and children. Member of the Creation Committee and, for six years, of the Coordination Team of the "Transversal Competences in Sciences and Technologies" course (FCT NOVA). Game Master since 1989. Maths Teacher to Engineering and Science students since 1996. Meta-Heuristic fan since 1997. Dad since 2003. And Meditation aficionado since 2010. Geek since he can remember.

Gabriela dos Santos

Gabriela dos Santos is a student at NOVA School of Science and Technology since 2016 where she completed a bachelor’s in Mathematics. She is a finalist in the Master program in Mathematics and Applications in the field of Actuarial Science, Statistics and Operational Research with a specialization in Operational Research.