Dear Colleagues,

I would like to invite you to 3rd Edition of the "Hands on course : NMR in protein interactions studies" to be held at the Chemistry Department - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - Universidade Nova de Lisboa from the 11th to the 15th of February.

The course builds up on 2 editions of a very successful hands on course on ligand-based NMR interaction studies with a large participation of  PhD students and Pos-doc researchers. 

This time we aim to have a broader range of topics by covering not only ligand-based techniques, but biomolecular interactions in general (protein-protein, protein-ligand, etc) combined with computational tools.
We are very happy to announce that one of the tutors will be Prof. Alexandre M.J.J.  Bonvin.
Prof. Alexandre Bonvin is an expert in modelling of biomolecular interactions from the Computational Structural Biology group at Utrecht University, responsible for the development of the well known HADDOCK software.

Some of the topics covered in the classes will be:

  • - Review of general biomolecular NMR in the context of interactions
  • - Introduction to Protein Dynamics
  • - Mapping interactions with NMR (the viewpoint of the ligand and the viewpoint of the macromolecule)
  • - Computational tools 
  • - Integration of NMR and computational tools

We hope to see you in Caparica,

Eurico Cabrita