Workshop programme


Technology Assessment:

a Stable Solution or Only Relevant Under Pressure?

Venue: RISTEX, Ichigaya, Tokyo (Japan)

Date: July 11th 2014


12:00        Get together / Welcome words from host RISTEX

13:00          Introduction into the workshop

Welcome greetings by Prof. Akira Morita (Program Director, RISTEX)

Introduction of KIT by Prof. António Moniz (ITAS-KIT and UNL)

Introduction of RISTEX and Program of “Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy” by Dr. Kumi Okuwada (RISTEX, JST)

Examples of TA and TA-like activities: Country specific views

Session chair : Dr. Kumi Okuwada

13:15‑13:45 - Technology Assessment and Risk Governance - Challenges in Japan, TAKETOSHI TANIGUCHI (Policy Alternatives Research Institute - PARI, University of Tokyo)

13:45‑14:05 - From intermediary to intermedia: technology assessment (TA) and responsible research and innovation (RRI), GO YOSHIZAWA (Department of Biomedical Ethics and Public Policy, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)

14:05‑14:25 - Technology Assessment in non-PTA countries: An overview of recent developments in Europe, NUNO BOAVIDA & ANTONIO B. MONIZ (KIT-ITAS & Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

14:25-14:45 - Discussion

14:45‑15:00 -

15:00-15:30 - Poster discussion

  • Methodology Development for Visualization and Quantification of Social Expectation to Science Technology - Ken Ito et al, Keio Univ.
  • Joint Fact-Finding - Bridging the gaps between Risk, Uncertainty in Assessment (Tentative title) - Matsuo Makiko et al, Tokyo Univ.

15:30‑15:45 Break

TA under Pressure: A Challenge of Interdisciplinarity/Transdisciplinarity

Session chair : Prof. António Moniz

15:45‑16:05 - Global Pressure – Local Transition: The German “Energiewende” as Interdisciplinary Research Problem, CHRISTIAN BÜSCHER (KIT-ITAS, Helmholtz Alliance ENERGY-TRANS)

16:05‑16:25 - Implementing  Technology  Assessment  through  Stakeholder  Platforms:  Strategic Resource Logistics for Socially Robust Models of Sustainability Innovation, MASARU YARIME (Graduate School of Public Policy / GraSPP, University of Tokyo  & Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), University College London (UCL))

16:25-16:45 – Title to be confirmed,  HIDEYUKI HIRAKAWA (Osaka University CSCD)

16:45‑17:05 - How innovation and regulation interact? A new definition of regulatory space and its implication for technology assessment, SHINGO KANO (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)


17:05-17:15 - Discussion

17:15‑17:30 - Break

Final discussion

Moderator : Prof. António Moniz

17:30‑17:25 - What can we learn from each other? How can we work together in the future?

Prof. Akira Morita - Director, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (Program Director)

Prof. Hiroshi Nagano - The Chair of Global Science Forum, OECD   (Program Adviser)

Ms Michiko Igarashi - Journalist  (Program Adviser)

Prof. Tsuyoshi Maruyama (Vice President of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor of Chuo University, former government officer of the Cabinet Office and MEXT) 

Prof. Shinichi Kobayashi and Mr. Takahiro Enoki - Legislative Reference Bureau of National Diet Library

Ms Makiko Takahashi - Research Strategic Committee of RIKEN

17:25 – 17:30  Closing remarks by Mr. Shinichiro Izumi (Director of RISTEX)


17:30 – 18:00  Friendship drink