NCRS / Topic 4: Drug Discovery / Krasimira Petrova


Drug Discovery – Organic and Polymer Synthesis

K.T. Petrova /   |

Our research team from the Sustainable Organic Chemistry Group (LAQV-REQUIMTE, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University Nova of Lisbon, Portugal) is developing the synthesis of novel small organic molecules with pharmaceutical activities, as well as biodegradable and biocompatible functionalized polymeric nanoparticles with various applications, for example as complexating agents for water purification, liquid crystals, or as drug-delivery systems. We are aiming to combine the advantages of natural compounds and synthetic systems to explore the potential structural versatility available by synthetic chemistry and have obtained a range of novel structures with promising applications as functional materials. We are interested to join a forming consortium preparing a project proposal in the role of a partner. Please, contact us if your project requires a contribution similar to our profile.