Applications of Continuous Optimization in Science and Engineering [...]
Co-chairs: Mihai Anitescu, Eligius M. T. Hendrix

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities [...]
Co-chairs: Francisco Facchinei, Todd S. Munson

Conic and Polynomial Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Miguel F. Anjos, Jiawang Nie

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: François Glineur, Peter Richtarik

Derivative-Free and Simulation-Based Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Warren Hare, Giampaolo Liuzzi

Global Optimization and Mixed-Integer Programming  [...]
Co-chairs: Pierre Bonami, Leo Liberti

Nonlinear Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Frank E. Curtis, Andreas Waechter

Optimization Software: Modeling Tools and Engines [...]
Co-chairs: Jacek Gondzio, Dominique Orban

PDE-Constrained Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Georg Stadler, Stefan Ulbrich

Robust Optimization and Optimization in Finance [...]
Co-chairs: Melvyn Sim, Luis F. Zuluaga

Sparse Optimization and Information Processing [...]
Co-chairs: Michael P. Friedlander, Wotao Yin

Stochastic Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Shabbir Ahmed, Darinka Dentcheva

Variational Analysis, Set-Valued and Vector Optimization [...]
Co-chairs: Joerg Fliege, Alejandro Jofré