2022 Contributions                                                                                                                                       

Glass and Ceramics 2022 Contributions

Listed by contribution type, alphabetical by corresponding author




The Rare Case of Early 18th-century Dutch Lustre-decorated Tin-glazed Tiles: Analysis of their history, decoration technique, and lustre nanostructure 

Bert-Jan Baas,* Luc Megens, and Kate van Lookeren Campagne

Fresh Eyes on Old Porcelain: Reinterpretation of an Allegory of the Four Continents group

Sarah Barack,* Jessica Walthew, Jakki Godfrey, and Yuyin Charlotte Li

Conservation and Care of a Monumental Glass Art Mural: Challenges and limitations

Claudia Chemello,* David Wilson, and Paul Mardikian

Interdisciplinary Analyses for Diagnosing a Cracking Phenomenon on 17th- to 18th-century Dutch Glass Horns

Theresa Costello,* Luc Megens, Guus Verhaar, George Quinn, Marc Barreda, and Mandy Slager

Through the Smithsonian Glass and What Alice Found There: Development of a pan-institutional survey of glass collections at the Smithsonian Institution

Kim Cullen Cobb,* Miriam E. Hiebert, Robin O'Hern, and Lee-Ann C. Hayek

Let There Be Christmas! Examination and conservation of 19th-century cold-painted terracotta Nativity figures

Andrea Fischer,* Judith Berning, and Gerhard Eggert

A Matter of Choice: Acrylic copolymer or epoxy resin adhesives? Studying glass conservation at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Andrea Fischer,* Birgit Schwahn, and Katja Franziska Siebel

Adhering to Artist's Intent: Pilot study of a diagnostic tool for multimedia ceramic artworks with modern, commercial adhesives

Jennifer Green,* Mandy Slager, and Suzan de Groot

Investigation into Consolidants for Reverse Glass Paintings

Stephanie Guidera,* Fiona Beckett, and Emily Hamilton

Sherds and Shards: Technical study and treatment of an excavated, late 17th-century bleu persan urn

Skyler Jenkins and Katherine McEnroe

Ceramic Lockdown Stories: Remote teaching in a pandemic

Caitlin O'Grady

Shattered Glass: An unusual alteration process in a 5th-century BCE archaeological glass

Teresa Palomar,* Nadine Schibille, Esther Rodríguez González, Sebastián Celestino, and Joaquín Barrio

Multi-modal Analysis of Transparent Glass to Detect Early Signs of Volatile Organic Compounds-Induced Corrosion Due to Contaminated Silica Gel

Deepshikha Sharma,* Katharina Schmidt-Ott, Ulrike Rothenhaeusler, Erwin Hildbrand, Sony George, Edith Joseph, and Tiziana Lombardo

Loss Compensation Using Porcelain: A case study at Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory

Joana Teixeira

The Dalle de Verre Lantern of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral: Composition and in-service behaviour of the epoxy resin mortar

Norman H. Tennent,* Johannes A. Poulis, Lisette de Bie, Yasmine Mosleh, and Gareth Richings

Preventing Daguerreotype Degradation

David Thickett,* Boris Pretzel, Sarah Allen, Saray Paynter, and Sophie Downes

Thermocasting of PARALOID B-72: Recent developments in the reconstruction of losses in high-fired ceramics

Roy van der Wielen

The Proof is in the Pudding: Understanding production faults in 17th- and 18th-century Dutch tin-glazed tiles through the reconstruction of historical recipes

Kate van Lookeren Campagne,* Luc Megens, and Bert-Jan Baas

The Investigation of Archaeological Glass Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy and X-ray Micro-computed Tomography

Guus Verhaar,* Lambert van Eijck, Dominique Ngan-Tillard, René van Beek, and Luc Megens

The Treatment of Brazilian 20th-century Stained Glass: Between practice and context

Mariana Gaelzer Wertheimer,* Ellen Röpke Ferrando




The Reconstruction of Three Archaeological Glass Vessels from the Monastery of Santa Chiara, Padua

Elena Betti* and Silvia Ferucci

Conservation of a Terracotta Vessel Assisted by a 3D-printed Support

Beatriz Borges,* Susana Coentro, Márcia Vilarigues, André Nunes, Inês Coutinho

Loss Compensation with Porcelain Fills: Combining traditional techniques and emerging technologies

Leonor Conceição,* Márcia Vilarigues, Susana Coentro, Inês Coutinho, Joana Teixeira, Paula Urze

Manufacturing Cast Acrylic Sheets for Filling Hollow Glass Objects

Ronja Herbeck,* Alexandra Jeberien, and Simone Stritzker

A Comparative Assessment of Three Materials for the Consolidation of Inhomogenous, Unfired Clay

Jamilla Peeters,* Luc Megens, and Kate van Lookeren Campagne

Challenges in the Interventive Conservation of Hand-painted Magic Lantern Glass Slides: An overview of cleaning practices for paint layers

Ângela Santos,* Vanessa Otero, and Márcia Vilarigues

Scratching the Surface: Research into the use of funori as consolidant of friable white surface coatings on Greek and Roman terracotta figurines

Julia Wagner,* Kate van Lookeren Campagne, Luc Megens, William Wei, and Suzan de Groot




Applications for Cast Nanocellulose in the Conservation of Three-dimensional Glass Objects

Katerina Acuna* and Karen Stamm

Analysis of Deteriorating 19th-century Blue Glass Beads

Annika Blake-Howland,* Emily Hamilton, and Glennis Rayermann

The Shattered Glass of Beirut: Conserving Lebanese history together

Claire Cuyaubère* and Duygu Çamurcuoğlu

Fragmented Histories: Deconstructing and reconstructing a 17th-century Iranian stone-paste tile panel

Holly Daws* and Charles Stable

Filling in the Gaps: Application of 3D technology to create a detachable fill for an earthenware skyphos

Rani De Vos,* Stefanie Bauvois, Jouke Verlinden, and Lien Acke

When Does Glass Get Wet? A revised table of deliquescence humidities of relevant salts

Gerhard Eggert

The Study, Conservation, and Presentation of a Roman Dolium

Lidija Gardina

Technical Examination of a Matisse/Méthey Painted Tin-glazed Earthenware Plate

Abed Haddad* and Lynda Zycherman

Conservation and Restoration Methods for Archaeological Glass Using 3D-printing Techniques

Anastasia Ivanova* and Ekaterina Sharkova

Revealing Mars: Evaluation of treatment methods for a 19th-century stained glass window at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Carinne Tzadik Klaristenfeld,* Silviu Boariu, and Laura Maccarelli

The Mysterious Substance from 18th-19th-century Blue-and-White Glazed Persian Jars: Chemical identification and conservation issues

Ada Kokot,* Joanna Bojarska-Cieślik, Justyna Kwiatkowska, and Magdalena Wróbel-Szypula

Re-Treatment of a Prehistoric Vase from Velištak (Croatia): Reintegrating past interventions

Martina Ćurković Madiraca

Restoration and Research of the Stove Tiles at Rezekne Mediaeval Castle

Ieva Medne* and Jana Libiete

Testing Bulked Acrylic Resins for Consolidation and Loss Compensation of Flaking Enamel

Viviane Miceski,* Véronique Treluyer, and Christine Andraud

Replicating Reticello: Loss compensation in gilded reticello glass

Margot Murray* and Karen Stamm

Opere Outdoor: A database for programming conservation

Serena Spadavecchia* and Linda Gori

Glass Restoration in Three Dimensions: Evaluating current 3D technologies

Joris Nagtegaal

Earthquake Recovery: Restoration of glass objects from the Mimara Museum (Zagreb, Croatia)

Šime Perović

Study and Treatment of a Glass Cephalopod: Challenging assembly and innovative loss compensation

Agathe Petit

Drying Methods of Historic Glass Bottles: An investigation

Ulrike Rothenhäusler,* Kevin Cilurzo, and Isabel Keller

The Value of Reproduction in the Preservation of Glass Cultural Heritage

Catarina Reis Santos,* Inês Coutinho, and Márcia Vilarigues

Study and Conservation Treatment of Ancient Cold-Painted Architectural Terracotta from the Republican Sanctuary of Monte Rinaldo 

Diana Scirri

Investigating Accepted and Innovative Materials for Glass Fills

Katharine Shulman,* Lauren Fair, and Catherine Matsen

The Chemical Reversion of Lead Sulfide Blackening of Ceramic Glazes: A colour science rationalisation

Norman H. Tennent* and James H. Nobbs

The Conservation of Modern Reverse Glass Paintings: Adapting traditional techniques

Kate Wight Tyler* and Sarah Barack

3D-printed Porcelain for Restoration

Heike Ulbricht

Identifying Unstable Glass in Museum Collections Through Surveys Using Ion Chromatography

Guus Verhaar,* Norman H. Tennent, and Maarten R. van Bommel

Lead-glazed Architectural Terra Cotta: A comparative study of consolidants

Louise Vuillermoz

Picking Up the Pieces: Strategies for loss compensation within a Tiffany stained glass window

Alexandra Wysopal