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VI Annual Meeting i3N 2017

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N.º Author Title (click to view the poster)
P1 Inês Ropio 3D printing of materials and its applications 23
P2 Estelina Silva Atomistic and heat dissipation modelling of carbon nanostructures 24
P3 Pedro Silva Bioinspired heterogeneous elastic microfilaments 25
P4 Ana Marques Biosensor research activity at CENIMAT/i3N 26
P5 V. Pereira Characterization and optical monitoring of Madeira wine production and ageing processes 27
P6 Paula Soares Chitosan-based Bio-nanomaterials @ CENIMAT/i3N 28
P7 Regina Monteiro Crystallization in the ZnO –B2O3-SiO2 glass system 29
P8 Jennifer Teixeira Cu(In,Ga)Se2 based Solar Cells: Dependence on the Cu Content 30
P9 Elin Figueiredo Cultural Heritage Studies developed at CENIMAT/I3N-Metals, Ceramics, Mortars and Stones 31
P10 Micael Nascimento    Development of fiber sensors network for measuring characteristic parameters in Li-ion cells 32
P11 Silvia Soreto Electrical properties of lithium ferrite particles embbebed in PLA matrix 33
P12 Tânia Vieira Electrospun fiber mats from polycaprolactone, chitosan and gelatin based materials as scaffolds for tissue engineering 34
P13 M. Kumar Enhanced Polymer Light Emitting Diodes by energy transfer process in a simple device structure 35
P14 Sílvia Cruz Enhancement of thermoplastic elastomer surface wettability 36
P15 Paulo Lopes Exfoliation of grafite nanoplatelets for the preparation of nanocomposite films based on waterborne polyurethane, few layer graphene and carbon nanotubes 37
P16 E.Venkata Ramana Fabrication of lead-free ferroelectric oxides for energy harvesting applications 38
P17 Luís Ferrás Fractional Viscoelastic Models 39
P18 F. Rey Garcia Gd and Lu oxyorthosilicates obtained by Laser Floating Zone for photonic applications 40
P19 Paulo Duarte Graphene synthesis and funcionalization: batteries and supercapacitors applications 41
P20 Nadya Dencheva Hybrid Polyamide Micro- and Nanoparticles for Multifaceted Applications 42
P21 T.A. Oliveira Improving detector-grade SiC by defect engineering: a first-principles study 43
P22 Nuno Santos Increased Cell Proliferation and Metabolism by Electrical Stimulus on Nanocarbon Hybrid Platforms 44
P23 Paulo Teixeira In-line rheo-optical characterization of polymer systems at constant extrusion conditions 45
P24 António Vicente Innovation towards the fabrication of silicon solar cells on paper 46
P25 S. A. Salehizadeh Iron oxide based nanoparticles embedded in silica and polymeric matrixes 47
P26 Rui Costa Kirigami of self-folding structures 48
P27 Rosa Soares Laser ablation in liquids: an effective strategy in the synthesis of upconverting NPs for bio application 49
P28 Bruno Falcão Light-induced non-thermal population of optical phonons in nanocrystals 50
P29 Ana Almeida Liquid crystal suspended droplets revealing plants cellulose micro/nano filaments morphologies 51
P30 J. V. Vidal Magnetoelectric effect in composites based on single crystalline piezoelectrics 52
P31 Gabor Timár Mapping the Structure of Directed Networks: Beyond the “Bow-tie” Diagram 53
P32 CDR Azevedo Medical systems based on scintillation materials 54
P33 Daniela Nunes Metal-oxide nanostructures synthesized under microwave irradiation 55
P34 Alexandra Sepúlveda Micro Moulded Interconnect Devices for Power Connector Applications 56
P35 Silvia Rodrigues Nonlinear optics in gas-filled kagomé microstructured optical fibres 57
P36 C. Leitão Optical fibre sensors in biomedical aplications 58
P37 Marta Sousa Optimization of post-deposition annealing in Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells and its impact on device performance 59
P38 Luis Pereira Paper and Printed Electronics 60
P39 Filipe Santos Pauli limiting and metastability regions of superconducting graphene and intercalated graphite superconductors 61
P40 Arsénio de Sá Performing controlled radical polymerization in the melt 62
P41 Olalla Sanchez-Sobrado Photonic Nanostructures for Solar Cell Light Trapping with Colloidal Lithography 63
P42 Paulo Santos Powerful recombination centers resulting from reactions of hydrogen with carbon-oxygen defects in solar silicon 64
P43 J. Suresh Kumar Preparation, optical properties and temperature dependent upconversion luminescence of BBT:Nd glass upon 808 nm laser excitation 65
P44 Maria Teresa Cidade Rheology, a powerful tool in materials and products characterization 66
P45 Marta Corvo Rheo-NMR study on the influence of ionic liquids in cellulose-based liquid crystalline solutions 67
P46 Filipa Lopes SEM-EDS characterization of hard soldering with copper-tin alloy of Roman handle attachments from Conimbriga (Portugal) 68
P47 Andreia Araujo SERS Substrates for Sensitive Molecular Detection 69
P48 Francisco Braz Fernandes Shape Memory Alloys: from processing to applications 70
P49 Daniela Salgueiro Solution based thin film transistors: from lab to fab 71
P50 N. J. Muga Space-division multiplexing in optical fibers 72
P51 Celio Fernandes Stabilization and accuracy improvements on a steady state viscoelastic computational code 73
P52 Tiago Santos Stoneware microwave single-firing cycle 74
P53 Isabel Moura Sustainable Materials Based on Cellulose from Agro-Wastes 75
P54 S. Yoon Synchronization in the random-field Kuramoto model on complex networks 76
P55 N. Ben Sedrine Tailoring nitride semiconductor nanostructures towards optoelectronic nano-devices 77
P56 Jorge Martins TCAD simulation of oxide transistors 78
P57 Sacha Mould The use of additive manufacturing to fabricate microfluidic devices 79
P58 Anselmo Marques Topological two-body states in SSH chains with interactions 80
P59 Susete Fernandes Tuning cellulose nanocrystal films photonic properties 81
P60 Ana Pimentel ZnO nanostructures and applications 82