Scientific Scope

This symposium is organized by the Stored Particles Atomic physics Research Collaboration (SPARC) and the Departement of Phsyics of the University NOVA of Lisbon. The SPARC collaboration has been formed to organize atomic physics experiments at the (FAIR) - Darmstadt, Germany, and aims to join expertise on atomic physics with highly charged ions at an international level.This workshop will review the present status of the scientific, technical and financial issues of the SPARC collaboration and establish the forthcoming activities.Review talks with special emphasis on critical and super-critical atomic fields, ion-laser and ion-surface interactions will be presented along with hot topics and new ideas recently proposed for the SPARC research program.

Conference Topics

  • Critical and super-critical atomic fields
  • HCI in traps and rings for spectroscopy
  • Ions in intense laser fields
  • Ion-matter interactions
  • Technical developments
  • Organizational and financial issues