CELINA is preparing its final publication. The achievements of COST Action CM1301 will be published as original research articles in the Thematic Series ‘Chemistry for electron-induced nanofabrication’ of the open access Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology Thematic Series on "Chemistry for electron-induced nanofabrication"

COST Action CM1301 (CELINA) has, since 2013, brought together experts from all research areas related to FEBID. The Action has thus made significant contributions towards the fundamental understanding and consequent advancement of this technology while, at the same time, linking European research to the most recent developments worldwide in the more general area of focused electron beam induced processing (FEBIP).

The achievements of CELINA will be published in a Thematic Series ‘Chemistry for electron-induced nanofabrication’ of the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. This Thematic Series will cover all relevant aspects of FEBIP and in particular FEBID, including:

  • the fundamental electron–precursor interactions leading to precursor fragmentation,
  • the surface reactions initiated by these interactions,
  • the design and synthesis of novel FEBID precursors, and
  • advances in the performance of FEBID processes with respect to deposit purity, spatial resolution, and processing speed.

The performance of these nanofabrication processes and the properties of the resulting nanomaterials depend decisively on how precisely the underlying chemistry can be controlled. In fact, it is the interplay of electron-induced and thermal precursor chemistry together with the reactivity of the surface where these reactions take place that determines the composition and the spatial resolution of deposits fabricated by FEBIP. This calls for the development of novel precursors designed specifically for electron beam driven processing and optimized processes with respect to surface chemistry or added purification reagents, taking also into consideration new developments in precursor supply instrumentation.


Prof. Petra Swiderek / University of Bremen
Dr. Hubertus Marbach / Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Prof. Cornelis W. Hagen / Delft University of Technology

Submission Deadline

June 20, 2017

How to Submit

Please inform Petra Swiderek if you intend to submit a manuscript, and if so, in which format (Review, Research Article or Letter) or if you have questions regarding the scope of this Thematic Issue. When you are ready to submit your article, please upload it directly to the Beilstein Publishing System along with your cover letter containing the following information:

  • Thematic Series: Chemistry for electron-induced nanofabrication
  • Guest Editors: Prof. Petra Swiderek, Dr. Hubertus Marbach, Prof. Cornelis W. Hagen