Venue, Accommodation and Transport


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Caparica and its nearby environs (Almada, Corroios, and Trafaria) offer a wide range of accommodation facilities, including hostels, hotels, and AirBnB of different prices and categories. Keep in mind that Caparica is very touristic, especially in June. Accommodation can be hard to find, hence early booking is highly recommended.

Lisbon offers more options, but these are usually more costly, and may require a longer time to reach the venue of the Meeting (see also “TRANSPORTATION”).  Detailed routes and maps will be available in the Second Circular.


The XVI EAVP will take place in the Campus FCT da Caparica (Building IV), in Monte da Caparica, a parish separated from Lisbon by the Tagus River, and connected to the Lisbon Metropolitan area by metro, train, bus, and ship. Lisbon itself is a friendly, old, historical city, with a mild climate. It is an ideal tourist destination and it offers various attractions, including outstanding social and cultural experiences. Lisbon was identified by the 2009 World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Destination and Europe’s Leading City Break Destination and has been, in 2017, the Ibero-American Capital of Culture, with a significant increase in the already vast cultural opportunities of the city. Caparica is known for its fossil cliffs, beaches, and surf.

GPS coordinates: 38.663081, -9.207031.


The FCT-UNL Campus is linked to Lisbon Airport (LIS) and Lisbon city by public transport, such as bus, metro, train, and boat. Car transports such as Taxi and Uber are also available as options. For how to reach FCT-UNL Campus, please check

For a quick access to timetables of buses from Lisbon  to FCT Campus (Monte da Caparica), please click HERE

For a quick access to timetables of buses from Costa da Caparica to Campus FCT Campus (Monte da Caparica), please check HERE