List of presentations
Brisid Isufi Experimental investigation of the behaviour of flat slabs with studs as shear reinforcement (BEST ORAL PRESENTATION)
Tânia Santos Earth-based plasters: evaluation of their durability and eco-efficiency
David Henriques Buckling behaviour of steel–concrete composite beams using GBT
Massimo Lapi Seismic Behaviour of Flat slabs with opening
Liangjun HU Freeze-thaw durability of tunnel lining concrete
Guilherme Coelho Combined effect of water capillarity and water vapour adsorption in masonries of cultural heritage buildings
Helisa Muhaj Seismic strengthening of RC beams by internal partially bonded prestressing steel strands (BEST ORAL PRESENTATION - HONORABLY MENTION)
 André Almeida Punching of flat slabs under cyclic horizontal loads

List of Posters
Amaro Catumbaiala Strength of bridge beams by post-tensioning with anchorages by bonding
Alexandre Nunes Eco-efficient bioconsolidation of building materials
Cláudia Ferreira Use of petri nets to model deterioration on civil engineering infrastructures
Gabriel Gomes Protection of structures from shock waves through the use of dissipative systems based on ductile connectors
Joana Almeida Recovery of mining wastes for eco-efficient mortar production (BEST POSTER)
João Marques Blast protection; polymer spall liner for concrete elements
Pedro Basto Reinforcement to resist blast and fragmentation of an ISO Container with replaceable dissipative panels
Sara Coimbra Thermal rehabilitation of residential buildings through solar passive techniques (BEST POSTER)
Tamami NISHIHARA Influence of Fly-ash (FA) Quality on Fresh Concrete
Ryosuke ANAMI Experimental Investigation of High-Strength Grouting Materials for Internal Anchorage of Post-Tensioning PC Tendon (BEST POSTER - HONORABLY MENTION)
Hirokazu ISHIGURO A Study on Modeling Method of Truss Joints in Redundancy Analysis of Truss Bridges