Antonio Gómez Corral

Complutense University of Madrid

Antonio is the scientific coordinator of the Stochastic Modelling Group at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), where he began working in 1993. His current research is, in general, focused on applied probability and, in particular, on the use of stochastic models in population dynamics. These models play an important role in the spread of a pathogen among the individuals of a population, and the interaction between species, including competition processes and host-parasite models, among others. Another area of Antonio’ interest, both in his research and teaching activities, is Queueing Theory. He is active as teacher in courses on stochastic processes for graduate, master and Ph.D. students.

At UCM, Antonio has been an assistant and an associate professor, and currently holds a position of full professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research.

Antonio acts as an area editor of  RAIRO-Operations Research, and an associate editor oAsia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research and Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability. In addition, he has been a subject editor of Applied Mathematical Modellingand a guest editor of  European Journal of Operational Research (jointly with Jesús R Artalejo, special issue on «Advances in Retrial Queues») and The Annals of Operations Research (jointly with Tuan Phung-Duc, special volume on «Retrial Queues and Related Models»).