By registering to attend the S&ECC Lisbon 2021 Online, you are confirming that you are aware and agree that sound or image recordings of yourself taken during the online conference will be published online and will remain there permanently.

You are also confirming that you agree to sharing your information, which might include personal, contact and invoicing details, with the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), the Association for Innovation and Development of FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT) and the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) as required to support your attendance at the conference and for any other legitimate business and legal reasons and requirements. You can read full details of these institutions' privacy policies at the links below:

Please make sure you also read our:

Zoom Rules

  • Rules during presentations

During presentations, please keep your microphone off until someone from the organisation authorizes you to turn it on. You can keep your video on all the time.

  • Rules during debates

After presentations, there will always be a space for debate. During this period, the audience will be able to ask questions to the speakers. 

For that, the organisers will let everyone turn on their microphones, however you should only do so if you have a question and the moderator of the session has called your name.

To call for the moderator’s attention you may use the chat box and send a message to everyone stating “I have a question for [speaker x/everyone]” or use the raise hand function, in the reactions button. Both reactions and chat buttons can be found at the bottom of the screen. 

Please respect these rules to make sure everyone has their time!

  • Rules during breakout rooms

During Breakout rooms activities, participants will be able to change rooms at any time (except for Quiz). Please make sure that when you join a Breakout room you keep your microphone off.

  • Rules during Quiz

During the Quiz activity, participants will be divided into teams of 5 or 6 people. Each team will be placed in 1 breakout room*. As a team you will have 30 min. to answer one quiz:

Click here to access the quiz. 

In the beginning you will have to nominate a team speaker to share his/hers screen and answer the quiz, in the name of everyone in the team.

During the quiz you will have to provide the names and emails of all team members. Please make sure you use the registration data, otherwise we will not be able to identify and award you.

In the end, the team with most correct answers and shortest amount of time will receive an IIC Publication.

*Unlike the activity of the video tours, during Quiz you will not be able to change room, until the end of the activity.

  • Chat rules

You can use the chat box for sending any kind of message, though you should use it primarly for questions and supporting messages. If you have a question, please indicate to whom your question is for. Any message and/or behaviour that disrespects the conference's Code of Conduct (see above) may lead to the participant expulsion.