International Seminar Past and Present of Mathematics 2023

Secondary Education Curriculum

The International Seminar - Past and Present of Mathematics in the Secondary Education Curriculum - aims to bring together 3rd cycle and secondary school teachers and researchers in the area of Mathematics Education to discuss different approaches and trends in the Secondary Education Mathematics curriculum.

The seminar is a Short-Term Training Course, lasting 10 hours, spread over two days (Saturdays). This action will take place in a hybrid format, in person or remotely (via ZOOM), and you can choose how to participate at the time of registration.

The program on October 28th focuses on curricular trends in secondary education mathematics in the past and the program on November 11th focuses on current curricular trends.

In this regard, we intend to discuss topics such as:

  • Promotion of meaningful mathematics learning.
  • Promotion of an integrated approach between mathematics and other subjects.
  • History of mathematics teaching and its importance for mathematics teaching.
  • Relevant mathematics topics in secondary education.
  • Visibility of multidisciplinarity through the history of mathematics.
  • New trends in mathematics curriculum development.