Welcome to our new sponsor: The EAVP!

We want to thank our new sponsor, the European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists, who has provided financial support to the VI symposium on dinosaur Eggs and Babies, allowing us to offer a reduced inscription fee for students.

The European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists (EAVP) is a forum for paleontologists in a traditional multilingual and multicultural area. From 1996 they celebrate and Annual workshop in different European countries (Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Romania…).

And write this in your calendar: next year, the XVI EAVP Annual Meeting will take place in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Caparica (Lisbon) from June 26th to July 1st, 2018. Over 200 vertebrate paleontologists will gather together to share their latest research. A great opportunity to came back to Lisbon, a city that we know for sure you will fall in love this October!