Keynote sessions

Martin Kundrat. Paleoembryology in the world of interdisciplinary science

Octávio Mateus. Clutches, eggs and embryos of Portugal

Mark Norell. Eggs, nests and babies of Ukhaa Tolgod- a Late Cretaceous Locality in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

Yves Nys. Mechanisms of bird eggshell formation: structure, molecular control of mineralization and biological regulation in hens.


Araujo. The first ornithomimid embryo in a shell with a single structural layer: a challenge to orthodoxy.

Barta. Eggshell associated with a new troodontid taxon from the Upper Cretaceous Ukhaa Tolgod Locality, Mongolia.

Chapelle. Studying some of the world’s oldest known dinosaurian embryos using synchrotron microtomography.

Deeming. Pelvis morphology suggests that early Mesozoic birds and dinosaurs were too heavy to contact incubate their eggs.

Fabbri. A troodontid clutch demonstrates a dinosaurian origin of the avian single oviduct.

Ferguson. Nest site taphonomy of colonial ground nesting birds at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Montana.

Leuzinger. Preliminary clumped isotope data from Late Cretaceous titanosaur (Sauropoda) eggshells: preservation of the original isotopic signal and implications for palaeoecological and palaeobiological interpretations.

Mikhailov. Squamatic ultrastructure as a key character of onithoid-type eggshell.

Moreno-Azanza. Vertical distribution of eggshell fragments as a proxy for lake dynamics..

Oser. Dinosaur eggshell of the Western Interior Basin, USA: A new assemblage from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Kaiparowits Formation of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah..

Sellés. A singular sauropod eggshell-type from the lower Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of the Coll de nargó nesting area (Southern Pyrenees, Spain) with comments to the iberian sauropod diversity .

Tanaka. Report on a theropod nesting site from Hyogo, Japan.

Varricchio. Modern comparative taphonomy: the relationship between nesting site skeletal assemblages and reproductive attributes.

Vila. Global and quantitative analyses indicate titanosaurians nesting on inland environments.

Vremir. Megaloolithid eggs and nests from the late Maastrichtian of Sebes area (Transylvanian Basin, Romania).

Wiemann. The biomolecular paleontology of dinosaur eggshells: a synthetic, chemoecological perspective .

Yang. A new embryo-bearing egg clutch reveals asynchronous hatching of oviraptorid dinosaurs.

Zelenkov. Neogene to Pleistocene fossil ostrich eggshell: evolution of Struthionidae in the old world correlated with evolutionary history of bird faunas.

Zhang. Reuse of mixed-dinosaur-species breeding site on fluvial deposits of Yunxian Basin, Hubei, China.

Zheng. Bone histology and osteology of juvenile Liaoningosaurus paradoxus (Ornithischia: Ankylosauria).

Poster presentations

Batista. Dinosaur nesting sites and eggs from the Late Cretaceous of Uruguay: the development of the palaeo-oology in the last 10 years. .

Dhiman. Dinosaur eggshell fragments from the Upper Cretaceous deposits of Cauvery Basin.

Diaz-Berenguer. High concentrations of turtle eggshells (Testudoolithidae) in an Eocene deltaic plain (Sobrarbe Deltaic Complex, Northern Spain).

Fernández. A mixed vertebrate eggshell assemblage from the transylvanian Late Cretaceous.

Fernandez. The first avian egg from Río Negro Province, Argentina (Allen Formation, Upper Cretaceous).

Gascó. Dinosaur egg clutches from the Upper Cretaceous of Guadalajara (Central Spain).

Moreno-Azanza. Sliced eggs: the use of non-standard thin sections in the study of eggshells.

Nuñez-Lahuerta . First record of avian eggshells in the Pleistocene site of Gran Dolina (Atapuerca, Spain).

PanadesIBlas. Testing the utility of gaussian mixture models in parataxonomic analyses.