School Information

Vision and general aspects:

The School vision is related to creating a network of institutions interested in organising this event every year at a different location. An International Organising Committee will define the location of the School, its technical program and teachers.

The program will be modified every year depending on the most recent progress in the field of numerical simulation, on the topics of main interest related to the technical challenges of the community of Applied Superconductivity and to the local expertise available in the organising Institutions.

As mentioned, the School will be organised every year at different institutions around the world. Its duration will be one week, and it will consist of practical computer exercises to model different aspects of superconducting applications. Teachers, with the computer environment of their choice, will carry out lectures and provide exercises on given topics. This is a unique "hands-on" school.

The School’s size will be about 25 attendees, depending on the organising institution and available funding. The targeted basin of participants is PhD students, but more senior researchers from both academic and industrial institutions are also allowed to attend. The organisers will have the right of making a selection among the applicants.

Every year each School will have a different Director from the given organizing institution.

School requirements:

When applying for the School, candidates must provide:

  • A motivation letter.
  • A recommendation letter from their own School or Institution (e.g. PhD supervisor or department head).

In case of admission, a registration fee will also be due (150 €), which will cover coffee-breaks, lunches, gala dinner and social events. Costs of travel and stay will be supported by participants. The FCT NOVA university residence Fraústo da Silva, located within a walking distance from the campus, will be available to receive participants.

Virtual computers with preinstalled required software will be provided. Students must come with their own laptops needed to connect to provided virtual computers with a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). No software installation is needed on the laptops except RDC which is normally installed on Windows and available on Mac.

Students who do not own a laptop should mention it in the application form. If possible, School Directors will provide a limited number of computers.