Dear Workshop Participants,

We welcome your active participation in the upcoming workshop! You have the option to present your research through oral communications or posters, and both formats are highly encouraged.

Oral Communications| 8 min + 2 min Q&A

If you prefer an oral presentation, please indicate your choice when registering online. Prepare a concise talk to share your insights during the designated session.


Alternatively, you can present your work through a poster. Simply bring your poster to the registration desk when you check in. Posters provide an interactive way to showcase your research and foster discussions.

Please indicate your choice in the online registration form. You may decide to participate with an OC and Poster.

We look forward to your contributions, whether through oral presentations or posters, which will enrich our workshop discussions.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out. See you at the workshop!

To register please use the following link.

No fees are associated with registration and participation. This is a free event. 

NOTE: Deadline for abstract submission 24th October.