Synthesis&Catalysis Challenge

Dear Students,

We welcome you to the exciting Synthesis&Catalysis Challenge, an event that promises to trigger your curiosity and test your knowledge in the world of synthesis and catalysis. In this challenge, you will embark on a journey through a series of intriguing quiz questions, catalytic organic transformations/organic synthesis, to challenge your understanding of synthesis and catalysis.

How does it work?

To make this challenge even more exciting, you will form teams, with a maximum of four students per team,  according to the Synthesis&Catalysis Challenge Guidelines.

You will have a limited time frame to provide answers to the quiz questions. After each team's response, there will be a discussion period, allowing you to delve deeper into your answers, share insights, and engage in constructive debates.


Save the date for the Synthesis and Catalysis Challenge, set to take place on 7th November | 13H30, Ágora room (FCT NOVA)

Award for the best team work

For those who rise to the occasion and demonstrate exceptional knowledge and teamwork, will be awarded with a Reaxys Prize.

Embrace the challenge, learn from every question, and celebrate the friendship of the scientific community. We look forward to seeing your enthusiasm, teamwork, and knowledge in the Synthesis&Catalysis Challenge.

Warm regards,

The Scientific Committee

Luísa Ferreira

Maria Manuel Marques

Maria Manuela Pereira

Paula Branco

Please see the Guidelines here

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