Call for Papers

The Scientific Committee encourages the submission of abstracts, to be considered in sessions proposals or individual contributed talks, contributions on a range of themes related to the transnational dimension concerning the Historical analyses of the links between tropical medicine and international health in the post-World War II, particularly in Portuguese-African-Asian-Brazilian context and relations, on a range of themes addressing the following topics:

  1. Medical knowledge and practices: plural histories and traditions
    1.1. Tropical Medicine during World War I (1914-1918) 
  2. Actors, pathogenic agents, diseases, and institutions
    2.1. Reconsidering the combat of sleeping sickness and public health in the Portuguese colonial context
    2.2. Knowing, fighting and Treating Leprosy: actors, networks, knowledge, practices and territories 
  3. International public health policies and networks
  4. Archives and museums: documents and collections
  5. Tropical medicine and the environment
  6. Tropical medicine and bioethics


Abstracts and presentations should be in English or in Portuguese (without simultaneous translation).


  • March 15, 2015Symposia Submission (theme and rationale of symposium and abstract of papers)
  • March 26, 2015Decision of accepted symposia
  • May 4, 2015Abstract Submission for stand-alone papers)
  • May 18 to May 25, 2015Decision of accepted papers

Symposium guidelines and instructions

A Symposium can have as many papers as the organizer wants. The papers will grouped in groups of four (e.g. 8 papers means two sessions of 4).

You must use the template below for submitting the abstracts.

If you submit a stand-alone paper use the template for the abstract.

If you submit a session please use the template for sessions and templates for the abstracts and send all together.

The length (time) of each talk is 20 min. The organizer must be identified. This is the person who takes the initiative, carries on the process and organizes the sessions including the presentation of each speaker (two lines CV). 

Individuals may submit only one abstract as a single author. Individuals may co-author two abstracts. The same rules apply to organizers. 

One person can organize one session (including more than 1 part), or possibly co-organize two.

Each person can be the author of only one paper or, if written jointly, of no more than two papers.

You may use the web (e.g. Mersenne) to announce your proposal.

Abstract guidelines and instructions

  • Maximum words in title: 15
  • Maximum number of authors: unlimited
  • Maximum word count (not including title and authors): 300
  • All abstracts should be written in English
  • Individuals may submit only one abstract as a single author
  • Individuals may co-author two abstracts. Presenting authors should be identified by underlining their name
  • The abstract should have a title, the names of the authors and institutions
  • Abstracts should conform to the template available on this site in Word format (not pdf).
  • The abstract should be submitted, by the presenting author, via email to or If you do not receive a response within 48 hours acknowledging safe receipt of the abstract, please email
  • Templates files here: