6th June

Since its discovery glass has accompanied the life of men and women. Through the centuries, glass objects served a multiplicity of purposes, from everyday supplies to scientific apparatus, and many generations have appreciated their properties and their fragile beauty.

We would like to discuss styles, techniques, decorative methods, and uses of glass and glass artefacts through the ages, exploring the history of craftsmen and glass industries.

Themes covered include:

  • Glassmaking and glass-working through the ages
  • Dating and provenance of glass
  • Art History and Iconography of glass
  • Glass decoration and enamel
  • Raw materials
  • Functions and uses of glass artefacts.

Researches focusing on history and archaeology of post-Roman glass in Portugal and Spain were highly encouraged: a special study day entirely dedicated to the advances in this area of investigation is scheduled on the 6th of June.

(by courtesy of) Teresa Medici