Final Programme - GLASSAC 2017

Final Programme - Special Day on Post-Roman Glass in the Iberian Peninsula

6th June (FCT Caparica)


GlassAC Congress

Fanny Alloteau. Research of a chemical treatment based on zinc salts for ancient glass objects sensible to atmospheric degradation in museums

C. Cherian. Preliminary non invasive study of roman glasses from Jesolo (VE), Italy

Fatma Cifti. The contribution of the science of glass to the artistic expression

Francesca Giubilei. A Glass Garden

Göktuğ Günkaya. Coloring studio glass by metal oxides

Jianyong Guo. Inside Painting' - suggested as a new model for contemporary glass art

Eve Koha. The detriments of the contemporary stained glass from Estonia

Sarah Maltoni. Investigating a Byzantine technology: Experimental replicas of a Ca-Phosphate opacified glass

Caitlyn Phipps. Protecting historic window glass in Scotland. A look at the planning application approval rates over a 10 year period.

Amanda Pinto. 19th century stained-glass windows of two mausoleums from Belém do Pará, Brazil: a characterization study

Trinitat Pradell. Thermal properties of the modernist enamels and stain glasses from the city of Barcelona

Andreia Ruivo. Red glass revisited – a short review of the work made in VICARTE laboratories

Alberta Silvestri. Chemical and textural investigation of the glass tesserae from the Baptistery of Tyana (Khemerisar)- Turkey

Helen Spencer. Scottish medieval monastic and ecclesiastical window glass

Manfred Torge. Organic surface coatings on Mediaeval stained glass and microbiological investigation.

Special Day (6th June)

Carlos Boavida. Medieval glass from Santarém (14th - 15th centuries)

Nicolas Garnier. Aproximación al contenido de un ungüentario andalusí por GC-MS (Albalat, Extremadura, s. XII)