Modelling School

The HTS Modelling Workshop will be followed by the 2nd International School on Numerical Modelling for Applied Superconductivity.

With this, we aim providing an exceptional, intensive and inspiring experience and networking opportunity mostly for young researchers, but also for scientists and engineers in this demanding field.

Special fees, as well as an enriching, cultural, connecting program, will be available for attendants of both events.

The program of the School aims at providing the students with the main concepts and methodologies for developing numerical models of superconducting devices. This is a unique, hands-on School in our scientific community, with theoretical lectures followed by practical exercises to be solved on the computer, by using dedicated commercial software or in-house developed codes.

The students will learn numerical modelling techniques for different physical aspects of superconducting applications. While the techniques are applicable to a wide variety of problems, the practical exercises of the School are tailored around two specific applications of great interest for the community: LTS fusion magnets and HTS bulks for motor and levitation applications.

The vision of the School is related to creating a network of institutions interested in organising this event every year at a different location. It will consist of practical computer exercises to model different aspects of superconducting applications. Teachers, with the computer environment of their choice, will carry out lectures and provide exercises on given topics.

An International Organising Committee defined the technical program and teachers of the School.

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