You may download the detailed programme here (please consider the environment before printing).

Plenary Talks

Wednesday, 27 June, 09h15 - 10h15

  • HPC for solving multi-physics problems, Dr. Xavier Sáez Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Catalonia, Spain.

Thursday, 28 June, 09h15 - 10h15

  • The open source parallel multiphysics finite element library FEMPAR and its application to HTS, Prof. Santiago Badia Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC), Catalonia, Spain.

Oral Presentations

Machines - Wednesday, 27 June, 10h45 - 12h45

  • Lucas Brouwer, Diego Arbelaez, Daniel Davis, Tengming Shen and Soren Prestemon, User Defined Elements in ANSYS for 2D Multiphysics Modeling of Bi2212 Racetrack Coils (pdf)
  • Yawei Wang, Zixuan Zhu, Min Zhang and Weijia Yuan: Ripple field effects on the no-insulation high-temperature superconductor rotor windings of machines (pdf)
  • Roberto Brambilla, Francesco Grilli, Luciano Martini, Marco Bocchi and Giuliano Angeli: A finite element method framework for modeling rotating machines with superconducting windings (pdf)
  • Simon Wolfstaedter and Thomas Reis, Modeling and Design of HTS Machines - New Challenges for Calculation Methods
  • Bárbara Maria Oliveira Santos, Fernando Dias, Felipe Sass, Guilherme Sotelo, Alexander Polasek and Rubens de Andrade Junior, Simulation of Synchronous-Hysteresis Superconducting Machine (pdf)
  • Algirdas Baskys, Anup Patel, Vicente Climente-Alarcon and Bartek Glowacki, In situ magnetisation strategies for trapped field magnets made of stacked HTS tapes in electric machines

Quench - Wednesday, 27 June, 13h45 - 15h45

  • Lorenzo Cavallucci, Marco Breschi, Pier Luigi Ribani, Qingbo Zhang and Yifeng Yang, Analysis of Performance during Quench of a Pancake coil wound with REBCO Roebel cable
  • Akane Kojima, Hifumi Toriyama, Yoshiki Fuchida, Akihiro Nomoto, Tomoaki Takao, Kazuya Nakamura and Osami Tsukamoto, Simulation study on quench protection system of HTS coil using Cu tape co-wound with HTS tape
  • Blandine Rozier, Brahim Ramdane, Arnaud Badel, Gérard Meunier and Pascal Tixador, Calculation of the local current density in a coil using a volume integral formulation to obtain an accurate evaluation of the local critical current variations (pdf)
  • Pawel Lasek, Krzysztof Habelok and Mariusz Stepien, Application of adaptive mesh refinement to evaluation of normal propagation zone in HTS Roebel cables
  • Arnaud Badel, Blandine Rozier, Tara Benkel, Brahim Ramdane, Gérard Meunier and Pascal Tixador, Modelling of local transition phenomena and their propagation in Rare-EarthBaCuO magnets to define effective detection thresholds and protection schemes

Bulks and hybrid structures and Miscellaneous I - Wednesday, 27 June, 16h15 - 18h15

  • Invited: Oleksii Vakaliuk, Bernd Halbedel and Mark Ainslie, Verification of Lorentz force velocimetry using a bulk HTS magnet system (pdf)
  • Laura Gozzelino, Roberto Gerbaldo, Gianluca Ghigo, Francesco Laviano, Daniele Torsello, Valentina Bonino, Marco Truccato, Mihail Burdusel, Mihai A. Grigoroscuta, Dan Batalu, Gheorghe Aldica and Petre Badica, Passive magnetic shielding by machinable MgB2: measurements and numerical simulations
  • Kévin Berger, Loïc Quéval, Frédéric Trillaud, Guillaume Escamez, Brahim Ramdane, Guillaume Dilasser, Hocine Menana and Jean Lévêque, Hybrid analytical and integral methods for simulating HTS materials under various applied magnetic field configurations (pdf)
  • Toshiteru Kii, Computational fluid dynamics approach to determine current distribution in cylindrical bulk HTS (pdf)
  • João Fernandes and Paulo Branco, Electromagnetic Lumped Parameter Model of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS) Bulks in Magnetic circuits (pdf)
  • Wei Wang and Tim Coombs, Numerical modeling reveals the physical origination of HTS flux pump (pdf and animated gif)

Invited talk AC losses - Thursday, 28 June, 09h45 - 10h15

  • Invited: Naoyuki Amemiya, Naoki Tominaga, Takeshi Mifune, Yusuke Sogabe, Yudai Mizobata, Masahiro Yasunaga, Akihiro Ida and Takeshi Iwashita, Progress of Large-Scale and Fast Electromagnetic Field Analyses of Coils Wound with Coated Conductors for Ac Loss and Shielding Current Calculations

AC losses and Miscellaneous II - Thursday, 28 June, 10h45 - 12h45

  • Invited: Antonio Morandi, Umberto Melaccio and Pier Luigi Ribani, AC loss computation of a dry-cooled MgB2 SMES coil (pdf)
  • Antti Stenvall and Valtteri Lahtinen, Model, method and formulation - terms related to simulations studied in the context of an HTS AC-loss modeller
  • Valtteri Lahtinen and Antti Stenvall, On the relation of simulations and experiments in the context of HTS AC losses (pdf)
  • Alexander Petrov, James Pilgrim and Igor Golosnoy, Filamentary-Equivalent Domain Model for Fast Simulations of AC Transport Power Losses in First Generation High Temperature Superconducting Tapes (pdf)
  • Maxim Marchevsky and Sören Prestemon, Probing vortex pinning in HTS with acoustic waves

Mechanical aspects and Numerical modelling - Thursday, 28 June, 16h15 - 18h15

  • Mark Ainslie, John Chaddock, Danny Huang, Hiroyuki Fujishiro, Keita Takahashi, John Durrell and David Cardwell, Numerical modelling of mechanical stresses in bulk superconductor magnets with and without mechanical reinforcement
  • Wan-Kan Chan, Peifeng Gao and Justin Schwartz, A mixed-dimensional delamination structural model for general laminated composites including REBCO coated conductors (pdf)
  • Yanyun Ru, Huadong Yong and Youhe Zhou, Peridynamic simulation of crack propagation in bulk superconductors with an electromagnetic-thermal model (pdf)
  • Huadong Yong, Donghui Liu and Youhe Zhou, Effect of contact resistance on the thermal and mechanical behaviors in the no-insulation coil (pdf)
  • Ekaterina Kurbatova, Improvements in modeling of HTS properties (pdf)
  • Frederic Sirois, Francesco Grilli and Antonio Morandi, Comparison of constitutive laws for modeling high-temperature superconductors (pdf)

3D modelling - Friday, 29 June, 09h00 - 10h30

  • Invited: Enric Pardo, Milan Kapolka, Francesco Grilli and Thomas Reis, Multi-physics variational methods for magnet and power applications (pdf, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1477840)
  • Yawei Wang, Zixuan Zhu, Min Zhang and Weijia Yuan, 3D quench modeling based on T-A formulation for (RE)Ba2Cu3Ox High Temperature Superconductors (pdf)
  • Jean-François Fagnard, Philippe Vanderbemden, Laurent Wera and Benoit Vanderheyden, Investigation of the magnetic shielding of semi-closed tubes in transverse field: 3D modelling and experiment
  • Milan Kapolka, Enric Pardo, Anup Patel and Francesco Grilli, 3D modelling of cross-field demagnetisation in stacks of tapes

High-field magnets and Grid applications - Friday, 29 June, 11h00 - 13h00

  • Yoichi Higashi and Yasunori Mawatari, Analysis of magnetization loss on a helically wound superconducting tape in a ramping magnetic field
  • Janne Ruuskanen, Antti Stenvall, Valtteri Lahtinen, Jeroen Van Nugteren, Glyn Kirby and Jaakko Murtomäki, How to Computationally Determine the Maximum Stable Operation Current of an HTS magnet (pdf)
  • Andrea Zappatore, Walter Fietz, Reinhard Heller, Laura Savoldi, Michael Wolf and Roberto Zanino, A critical assessment of the issues in the thermal modeling of an HTS CroCo conductor for the EU DEMO TF coils (pdf)
  • Jaap Kosse, Chao Zhou, Marc Dhallé, Gonçalo Tomás, Andries den Ouden, Peter Rem, Jaap Vandehoek, Gianni Grassi, Trevor Miller, Marcel Ter Brake and Herman ten Kate, Design of a Superconducting Magnet for Magnetic Density Separation (pdf)
  • Janos Arpad Kosa and Istvan Vajda, Simulation, Design of an Innovative Superconducting Transformer by Using Flux Transfer for Next-Generation Grid (pdf and mp4)
  • Alfredo Álvarez, Pilar Suárez, Belén Pérez and João Murta-Pina, Computing implementation of stabilized HTS tape model based on distribution of currents between the tape layers (pdf)

Maglev and Bearings - Friday, 29 June, 14h00 - 16h00

  • Flavio Martins, Felipe Sass and Rubens de Andrade Junior, Simulations of REBCO Tapes Double Crossed Loops Coils with Integral Equations Method (pdf)
  • Wenjiao Yang, Changqing Ye, Kun Liu, Loïc Quéval, Gang Li, Tianyong Gong and Guangtong Ma, Numerical Modeling for the Dynamic Characteristics of HTS Magnetic Levitation System (pdf)
  • Tianyong Gong, Guangtong Ma, Zhengwei Zhao, Kang Liu and Chao Wang, Optimization methodology of race-track HTS magnets for transportations (pdf)
  • Francisco F. Silva and P. J. Costa Branco, Study of a Cylindrical Geometry Design for the ZFC-Maglev System (pdf)
  • Irina Anischenko, Dmitriy Abin, Maksim Osipov, Sergei Pokrovskii and Igor Rudev, Multiphysical simulation of levitation bearings based on 2G HTS tapes
  • Loïc Quéval, Kun Liu, Wenjiao Yang, Víctor M. R. Zermeño and Guangtong Ma, Simulation of Stack-Type Superconducting Magnetic Bearings

Poster Presentations

Thursday, 28 June, 13h45 - 15h45

  • Chang-Qing Ye, Guang-Tong Ma and Kun Liu, Numerical Studies on the Dynamic Responses of High-Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Bearing by a Vector Potential Method
  • Nicolo Riva, Bertrand Dutoit and Francesco Grilli, Reduced Basis Method for the electro-thermal behavior of an HTS commercial tape (pdf)
  • Yingzhen Liu, Jing Ou, Fabian Schreiner, Shengnan Zou, Francesco Grilli, Mathias Noe and Min Zhang, Comparison of 2D simulation models to estimate the critical current of a superconducting double pancake coil (pdf)
  • Vasily Zubko, Sergey Fetisov and Sergey Zanegin, Numerical analysis of behavior of HTS tape cooled by liquid nitrogen at current pulses more than critical current
  • Igor Rudnev, Anna Moroz, Anastasiya Maksimova and Vladimir Kashurnikov, Numerical simulation of the bending strain influence on the critical current and dynamic of the vortex structure in HTS conductors coated
  • Luca Ferranti, Antti Stenvall, Valtteri Lahtinen, Tiina Salmi and Janne Ruuskanen, Effective simulation of normal zone propagation velocity in YBCO based Roebel cable using adaptive mesh
  • Tae-Hee Han, Shin-Won Lee, Seok-Cheol Ko and Sung-Hun Lim, Current Limiting and Magnetizing Characteristics Due to Winding Locations of SFCL using E-I Core (pdf)
  • Fedor Gömöry, Marek Mošať, Enric Pardo, Michal Vojenčiak, Christian Lacroix and Fréderic Sirois, Electro-thermal modelling for optimization of CC tape in DC fault current limiter
  • Loïc Burger, Christophe Geuzaine, François Henrotte and Benoît Vanderheyden, Numerical simulations of the penetration of magnetic field in a superconducting thin film : H-phi formulation with transformation-shell techniques
  • Jaakko Murtomäki and Antti Stenvall, REBCO magnet mechanical modeling 101: The full workflow with insight to typical errors resulting from wrong stress values
  • André Tiago Queiroz, Marcio Zamboti Fortes, Alexander Polasek and Guilherme Goncalves Sotelo, Simulation of a real distribution grid with Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (pdf)
  • Huiming Zhang, Full Three Dimensional Transient Simulation of Superconducting Coated Conductors Using Efficient T-A Formulation
  • Wenjuan Song, Zhenan Jiang, Mike Staines, Rodney Badcock and Jin Fang, Numerical analysis of AC loss in HTS coils wound with REBCO Roebel cables: effect of current distribution among strands on AC loss
  • Krzysztof Habelok, Pawel Lasek and Mariusz Stepien, Numerical modelling of HTS tapes and HTS coils operating in PM linear motor (pdf)
  • Marco Calvi, Ciro Calzolaio, Giuseppe Montenero, Stéphane Sanfilippo and Thomas Schmidt, Superconducting Undulators for hard X-ray Free-electron lasers (pdf)
  • S. Shiraiwa, J. Wright, D. White, M. Stowell, T. Kolev, D. Brunner, Z. Hartwig, J. Irby, B. Mumgarrd and D. Whyte, Modeling high temperature superconducting magnetics with an open source finite element library (pdf)
  • Joern Geisbuesch, Felix Kaiser, Wescley T. B. de Sousa and Mathias Noe, Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop operation of a purpose-built air-coil Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (pdf)
  • António José Arsénio dos Santos Costa, João Filipe Pereira Fernandes and Paulo José da Costa Branco, Modelling of Electromagnetic and Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Ocurring in ZFC-YBCO bulks under Alternate Magnetic Fields and Immersed in Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) (pdf)
  • Mykola Solovyov and Fedor GömöryMagnetization of superconducting tube computed in 3D geometry using A-formulation in Comsol Multiphysics (pdf)
  • Edson de Pinho da Silva, M. A. Neves, A. J. S. Lopes, C. A. M. Nascimento and Xavier Granados, Toward Improvement of First Brazilian HTS Power Cable – Faster 2D Simulation of a Current Distribution in 2G tapes for New Design