1st Doctoral Conference 2011

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 11:15

Programme of the 1st Doctoral

Conference of the PhD Programme on Technology Assessment

8:30h  -  9:00h  -  Reception
9:00h  -  9:10h  -  Fernando Santana (Dean of FCT-UNL): Welcome adress
9:10h  -  9:20h  -  António Brandão Moniz (Coordinator of the PhD Programme on Technology Assessment): Introduction to technology assessment in Portugal)

Panel 1 – Technology Assessment Policies

Moderator: João Caraça (ISEG-UTL, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

9:20h   -   9:50h - Speaker: Armin Grunwald (ITAS-KIT): Responsible Innovation - a challenge to Technology Assessment
9:50h  -  10:10h - Discussão
10:10h - 10:30h - Coffee-break
10:30h - 10:50h - Nuno Boavida: Decision making processes based on innovation indicators: which implications for technology assessment? 
10:50h - 11:10h - Bernardina Gonçalves: Institutionalisation of regional parliamentary TA: the case of Madeira
11:10h  - 11:30h - Nina Amelung (Technical University of Berlin)Professionalization in Participation. The Case Study of Citizen Panels
11:30h  - 12:00h - Discussion

12:00h - 13:30h - Lunch at Restaurante C@mpus.come (Edifício da Cantina)

Panel 2 - Technology Assessment on Railway Systems

Moderador: Rosário Macário (IST-UTL)*

13:45h - 14:15h - Speaker: Seabra Pereira (IST-UTL) Future trends in rail technology
14:15h – 14:30h - Discussion
14:30h - 14:50h - Daniel L. Cadet (Alstom) The Railway Industry in 20 years
14:50h - 15:10h - Susana Moretto: Technology transfer pattern in the rail industry: where does it stand technology assessment? - The case of the high-speed train
15:10h – 15:30h - Discussion

15:30h - 15:45h - Coffee break

Panel 3 - Health Technology Assessment

Moderator: Ana Escoval  (ENSP-UNL)*

15:45h - 16:15h - Speaker: Mario Forjaz Secca (FCT-UNL) *
16:15h - 16:30h - Discussion
16:30h - 16:50h - Maria João Maia: Technology Governance in Radiology
16:50h - 17:10h - Jorge Moura: Avaliação de Tecnologia na Qualidade de Imagem por Ressonância Magnética
17:10h - 17:30h - Diego Compagna (University of Duisburg-Essen):User Expertise in Participatory Methods: Shaping and/or Improving Innovations?
17:30h - 18:00h - Discussion

18:00h – 18:20h - Closing- Maria Paula Diogo (President of the Department of Applied Social Sciences FCT-UNL) and António Brandão Moniz (Coordinator of the PhD in Technology Assessment FCT-UNL)

20:00h - Dinner by the sea/river Tagus

Date: 9th of June 2011, Thursday
Conference site: Library Auditorium at FCT-UNL
Free of charge. Please confirm your participation by e-mail:taconference2011@gmail.com indicating the name, institution and e-mail of the participant.
How to get to FCT-UNL: Get a Táxi from the airport. Other options can be found here: http://www.fct.unl.pt/en/node/12
How to get to the Library: http://www.fct.unl.pt/en/node/6

* - To be confirmed