Previous PhD conferences on TA

  • 6th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

    • 5th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

    Programa Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia

    Campus de Caparica, Local: Auditório da Biblioteca da FCT-UNL

    Data: 15 de Julho de 2015 das 9:30 às 17:30


    Key-note speakers:

    • Dr. Bettina Krings (ITAS-KIT): Interactions of Humans and Machines: Perspectives of Technology Assessment (TA)


    • Abdurrahman M. Yazan:

      Examination of the potential benefits of high speed VTOL air transportation, particularly in the context of on demand personal and mass urban and regional air transportation

    • Susana Martins Moretto: New demands new challenges for the high-speed train industry - presentation of research results
    • Ana Ferreira and Ana Lúcia Teixeira: Setting the stage for the future: innovation processes at the Portuguese ICT sector during the crisis
    • Tomé Canas (tbc)
    • Isabel Marques Rosa (tbc)
    • Apresentação do Observatório de Avaliação de Tecnologia do CICS.NOVA
    • Presentation of the Observatory of Technology Assessment of CICS.NOVA

    • 4th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

    Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

    Auditório Biblioteca, Campus de Caparica 26 Junho 2014

    09h30m - Sessão de abertura

    Dean of FCT-UNL, Fernando Santana

    António Moniz (FCT-UNL/ITAS-KIT), PhD program coordinator

    Session I - Transport and mobility

    10h00m - Jens Schippl (ITAS-KIT): “Scenarios on eco-efficient transport for Europa:  a structured approach for involving stakeholders in TA processes”

    11h00m -  Miltos Ladikas (ITAS-KIT, University of Central Lancashire): "Ethics in Responsible Governance of S&T; a Global Perspective"

    Session III - GMO and Sustainability

    13h30m - Mário Farelo (FCT-UNL): OGM: uma abordagem preliminar ao seu impacto económico em Portugal

    Session IV - Other Doctoral papers

    14h15m - Ventseslav Kozarev (Sofia University, Bulgária) - "Corporate Strategies for Social Responsiveness and Responsibility in Technological Innovation: Analysis of Global 500 Companies’ Sustainability Reports"

    14h40m - Nuno Boavida (ITAS-KIT e CESNOVA) - "The role of indicators in technology decisions during innovation processes: A new case study"

    15h00m - Manuel Baumann (ITAS-KIT e CESNOVA) - "Newest insights from the prospective analysis of Energy Storage Systems under the frame of Constructive Technology Assessment"

    15h20m - Maria João Maia (ITAS-KIT e CESNOVA) - "Decision-making competences: Assessment approach to a new mode"

    Session V - Parliament and Technology Assessment

    16h20m - Discussão sobre a avaliação de tecnologia no parlamento: Isilda Aguincha (PSD, Assembleia da República), Rui Pedro Duarte (PS, Assembleia da Repúblca)

    17h30m - Sessão de encerramento