Technology Assessment

Manuel Souto (Univ. Aveiro), Caparica, 20-04-2021:

For a public policymaking informed in scientific knowledge, for a scientific knowledge at the service of society (Ciencia en el Parlamento, España)

Paulo Madeira (ANI, CICS.NOVA), Caparica, 20-04-2021:

Indicador “Despesa Privada em I&D”: Como quadruplicar o investimento em I&D das empresas numa dúzia de anos?

Paulo Madeira (ANI, CICS.NOVA)

PhD programme on Technology Assessment

The Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment (TA) started in 2009 at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL). The Programme offers an opportunity to develop projects in the field of TA, as well as to get acquainted with research being developed related to concepts, methodologies and different technology developments that require further evaluation and assessment. Webpage of the PhD programme:

6th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

  • 6ª Conferência Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Campus de Caparica

Auditório da Biblioteca, June 29th, 2016, from 9h00m until 18h00m


9h30m - Sessão abertura/Opening session:

Prof. António Brandão Moniz (FCT-UNL)

Open call for new PhD students (until the end of June 2016)

It is open the call for the enrolment of new PhD students on Technology Assessment at Universidade Nova Lisbon.

The future students can follow the enrolment procedures in the FCT-UNL webpage here.

Further information, please contact the programme coordinator here.

Jens Schippl (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica

“Scenarios on eco-efficient transport for Europa:  a structured approach for involving stakeholders in TA processes”

4ª Conferência Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia

4th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Auditório Biblioteca, Campus de Caparica

26 Junho 2014

Vai ter lugar a 4ª Conferência Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia no Campus de Caparica da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Torsten Fleischer (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica

Nanotechnology as a Matter of TA: On expansions, reductions and distractions