Emanuel Toffolo - Glass Artist Invited Speaker

It is our pleasure to announce that Emanuel Toffolo will be presenting his work at GlassAC2017.
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Invited Speaker: Emanuel Toffolo

Short Biography

Emanuel Toffolo was born in Murano in 1982, and ever since he has been surrounded by the art of glass. He has followed in the footsteps of his father Cesare, and a long lineage of celebrated Glass Artists. Upon graduating in 2000 from the High School of Art in Venice, he began flameworking glass. Thanks to his passion for the natural subjects and particularly for the insect world, he focused his work in the reproduction of different kinds of insects in glass.” Combining his three passions. glass, music and photography, in 2016 Emanuel presented the documentary “Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass", directed by himself and written with his brother Elia and Caterina Toso.

The Presentation

The presentation of the invited speaker Emanuel Toffolo will be focused in his documentary “Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass".
This work has the collaboration of Elia Toffolo and Caterina Tosi.