high-speed train manufacturing industry

Susana Moretto (PhD student), Monte de Caparica

Which relation with the high-­speed train technological development? A strategic intelligent management tool      

Supervisor:  Prof. A.B. Moniz (FCT-UNL)    
Co-­supervisors:  Prof. M.S. Pereira (IST-UTL), Prof R. Macário  (IST-UTL)

Moretto, S.  2011.  Societal embedding in high-speed train technology development: dominant perspective from a case study. Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies. 7:57-73. AbstractWebsite

The present article posits constructive technology assessment as the dominant perspective of societal embedding practices in the technical development process by the high-speed train manufacturing industry, resulting from a research study conducted in 2011 (Moretto 2011). The article covers the main elements of the study, being the high-speed train manufacturing industry’s strategic intelligence, technology pattern, knowledge exchange, technology trajectories; and finally presents the arguments justifying constructive technology assessment as the dominant approach.