Event 1
When: December 5, 2018
Where: Entrance of the Library, FCT NOVA
What: Periodic Table
            A colourful display of the 118 elements for the delight of visitors!
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Event 2
When: February 20 to 28 and all November, 2019
Where: Preguiçódromo, Library, FCT NOVA
What: Periodic Table Challenge | Collaborative
         Opening with Christopher Brett (Vice-President of IUPAC)
           Collaborative patchwork made by the FCT NOVA members.
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Patchwork here.

Event 3
When: during 2019
Where: Auditorium of the Library, FCT NOVA
What: Elemental Talks about the Periodic Table | Invited Speakers
            Invited speakers will address the topic in different perspectives.
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Event 4
When: June 5, 2019
Where: Grande Auditório da FCT NOVA (CGD)
What: Elements Party | Speakers from DQ and the FCT NOVA community
            Speakers from DQ will address the topic of the Chemical Elements in different perspectives in short communications.
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Event 5
When: May 10, 2019
Where: Auditorium of the Library, FCT NOVA
What: A Little Night Music with the Periodic Table | João Paulo André (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
            A night conversation indulging the relations between the elements and Opera.
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Event 6
When: Spring edition - March 26 to 28, 2019
          Fall edition - September 24 to 26, 2019

What: À Descoberta da Tabela Periódica | Colaborativo
            Demonstrações e desafios para todos os públicos, dos 8 aos 118 anos.
        Discovering the Periodic Table | Collaborative
            Demonstrations and challenges for all publics and age groups.
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Event 7
When: dates to be announced
Where: Auditorium of the Library, FCT NOVA
What: The Periodic Table on Stage | TBA
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Event 8
When: January 29, 2019
Where: Praça João Baptista, Almada
What: Tabela Periódica Humana | Escolas Secundárias de Almada
            Tabela Periódica construída pelos alunos das Escolas Secundárias de Almada,
            em silmutâneo com outras Escolas de todo o País.
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Event 9
When: January 31 to February 28, 2019
Where: Sala Estúdio of the Library, FCT NOVA
What: A Água e o Livro | António Faria
            A temporary exhibition, in collaboration with the IST Press,
            around the Jorge Calado's book "HAJA LUZ: Uma História da Química Através de Tudo"
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