IGCP sessions

We encourage and invite the coordinators of international projects on Stratigraphy, namely IGCP projects, to propose open or restricted project sessions that can be held at the Congress.

The Congress will be staged at a world class venue, the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Centre. This centre have previously hosted large, successful international meetings, and offer a wide choice of workrooms and facilities to cope with sessions of different sizes. 

IGCP 591 project workshop at STRATI 2013 

Chemostratigraphy versus biostratigraphy: reuniting micropalaeontology and geochemistry

Conveners: Dr Zivile Zigaite (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Laszlo Koscis (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Dr Thijs Vandenbroucke (University of Lille, France).

This workshop is a part of the IUGS / UNESCO International Geoscience Programme Project IGCP 591, “Early to Middle Palaeozoic Revolution”, aiming to overview and discuss the potential of microfossil geochemical record as a tool for stratigraphy.

The workshop will focus on method, different measuring techniques, and interpretations of the stable isotope signal in fossil biominerals, with the emphasis on oxygen isotope 18O/16O ratio. Different microfossil groups, both bioapatite and biocarbonate, will be discussed, providing actual examples of their isotopic signal contribution to Phanerozoic chemostratigraphy.