In order to attain the main scopes of the Congress we invite the entire community, researchers and sponsors to propose themes for workshops. In the next circular we intend to present a list of proposed workshops and this will be continually kept up to date.

IGCP 591 project workshop at STRATI 2013

Chemostratigraphy versus biostratigraphy: reuniting micropalaeontology and geochemistry

Conveners: Dr Zivile Zigaite (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr Laszlo Koscis (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).

This workshop is a part of the IUGS / UNESCO International Geoscience Programme Project IGCP 591, “Early to Middle Palaeozoic Revolution”, aiming to overview and discuss the potential of microfossil geochemical record as a tool for stratigraphy.

The workshop will focus on method, different measuring techniques, and interpretations of the stable isotope signal in fossil biominerals, with the emphasis on oxygen isotope 18O/16O ratio. Different microfossil groups, both bioapatite and biocarbonate, will be discussed, providing actual examples of their isotopic signal contribution to Phanerozoic chemostratigraphy.