Scientific Programme

Welcome to the Scientific Programme of the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy (1st ICS). The overall theme, "At the cutting edge of Stratigraphy", reflects the recent advances in research in the field of Stratigraphy, new methodologies, applications for industry, and needs for society in general.

This is a vast programme comprising 22 sessions covering three main themes that correspond to a first proposal developed by the Organizing and Scientific Committees, with the input of the Honorary President of the Congress and the Chairman of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS/IUGS).  We invite the whole community of stratigraphers to present proposals for new themes or suggest changes to any of the 22 proposed. The Scientific Committee will try to accommodate all  suggestions.

We also encourage coordinators of international projects, namely those integrated in the International Geosciences Programme (IGCP/IUGS/UNESCO), to propose special sessions and/or promote general project meetings.

The scientific programme also includes three plenary sessions, one for each of the main themes, with presentations made by different lecturers.

Each session will be coordinated by two renowned specialists.

We hope you find this first proposal regarding the scientific content both interesting and exciting. Your contribution to improve it is crucial to make the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy a landmark event and to set a high standard for future congresses.

Scientific program

General Program

STRATI 2013 - Proposed Themes

Theme A. Principles and methods

Plenary Session: Stanley Finney (USA)


Methods, technology and new trends

Helmut Weissert (CH)

Brian Pratt (Can)


Events Stratigraphy Roberto Iannuzzi (Br) Shen Shuzhong (Cn)


Paleogene events, Evolution and Stratigraphy Simonetta Monechi (I) Noel Vandenberghe (B) / Laia Alegret (E)


Cyclostratigraphy and recent developments in the astronomical calibration of the Geological Time Scale

Silvia Gardin (F)

Bruno Galbrun (F) / Slah Boulila (Tun)


GSSP and Stratotypes

Stephen Hesselbo (UK)

Markus Aretz (D/F)


Advances in isotopic Geochronology Igor Villa(CH)


Teaching of Stratigraphy, geological heritage and Geoethics J. Martinez-Frias (E) Patrick de Wever (F)


Planetary Stratigraphy

Kenneth Tanaka (USA)

Cathy Quantin-Nataf (F)


Phylogeny, Paleobiodiversity and Paleogeography

Joseph Palfy (H)

Michel Laurin (F)


Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Paleogeography Elise Nardin (F)

Thijs Vandenbroucke(B)

 Theme B. Regional Stratigraphy

Plenary Session: Bruno Vrielynck (F) - Stratigraphy, palaeogeography: a fruitful permanent dialog


Regional Stratigraphy s. l.

Andrzej Wierbowski (Pl)

Francis Hirsch (J)


Stratigraphy of Iberian and Mediterranean Basins Cristino Dabrio (E)

Moussa Masrour (Mar)


Rodinia and Gondwana Stratigraphy and geochronology Ulf Linnemann (D) Alan Vaughan (UK)*


Assemblage and break-up of Pangea

Brendan Murphy (Can)

 Gabriel Gutierrez-Alonso (E)

Theme C. Applied Stratigraphy

Plenary Session: Vitor Abreu (Br) - Accomodation sucession method: impact in petroleum exploration


Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology Jean-Loup Rubino (F)* Andrew Davies (UK)


Chemostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, Chronology, Paleoenvironments and correlations

Jean François Deconinck (F)

James Ogg (USA)


Stratigraphy applied to oil industry

Kenneth T. Ratcliffe (UK) 

Pierre Muzzi Magalhães (Br)


The Quaternary System and its Formal Subdivision

Martin Head (Can) / Philip Gibbard (UK) 

Thijs van Kolfschoten (N)


Fossil vertebrates in Stratigraphy

Louis Jacobs (USA)

Eric Buffetaut (F)


Fossil invertebrates in Stratigraphy

Sixto R. Fernández-López (E)

Jingeng Sha (Cn)


Microfossils in Stratigraphy

Bruno Granier (F)

Emanuela Mattioli (F)


Terrestrial Mesozoic Stratigraphy Miguel T. Antunes (P) Zhonghe Zhou (Cn)


Volcanic Stratigraphy

Gianluca Groppelli (I)

Joan Marti (E)


Stratigraphy in Paleoceanography

Fátima Abrantes (P) 

José Abel Flores (E)

* Not yet confirmed