STRATI 2013 - Proposed themes

Theme A. Principles and methods

Session 1: Methods, technology and new trends

Session 2: Events Stratigraphy

Session 2a: Paleogene events, Evolution and Stratigraphy

Session 3: Cyclostratigraphy and recent developments in the astronomical calibration of the Geological Time Scale

Session 4: GSSP and stratotypes

Session 5: Advances in isotopic Geochronology

Session 6: Teaching of Stratigraphy, Geological Heritage and Geoethics 

Session 7: Planetary Stratigraphy

Session 8: Phylogeny, Paleobiodiversity and Paleogeography

Session 8a: Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Paleogeography

Theme B. Regional Stratigraphy

Session 9: Regional Stratigraphy s. l.

Session 10: Stratigraphy of Iberian and Mediterranean Basins

Session 11: Rodinia and Gondwana Stratigraphy and geochronology

Session 12: Assemblage and break-up of Pangea

Theme C. Applied Stratigraphy

Session 13: Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology

Session 14: Chemostratigraphy, Magnetostratigraphy, Chronology, Paleoenvironments and correlations

Session 15: Stratigraphy applied to oil industry

Session 16: The Quaternary System and its Formal subdivision

Session 17: Fossil Vertebrates in Stratigraphy

Session 18: Fossil Invertebrates in Stratigraphy

Session 19: Microfossils in Stratigraphy

Session 20: Terrestrial Mesozoic Stratigraphy

Session 21: Volcanic Stratigraphy

Session 22: Stratigraphy in Paleoceanography